Graceland Natural Dairy Products

The Graceland Cheesery, home of Graceland Natural Dairy Products, is a family-run business operating from the country village of Hilton, in the beautiful KZN Midlands. Bill and Karin Frost have been producing HANDMADE natural yoghurt and an assortment of HANDMADE artisanal cheeses since 1993.

Graceland Products
Graceland Products - Cheeses, Yoghurt, Gift Boxes, Cheese Platters and Homemade Jams.
Where To Buy Our Products
A list of outlets, Farmer’s Markets and Health Shops that stock Graceland Products.
Graceland Cheesery Shoppe
Buy Graceland cheeses, yoghurts and jams directly from our shoppe in Hilton.

All Graceland Natural Dairy Products are made from raw, A-Grade milk produced by pasture fed cows (rBST free). Only vegetarian rennet is used in the production of the cheeses and Halaal certified, 4-strain probiotic cultures are added in the production of the natural yoghurt.

No preservatives, stabilizers or any other additives are added to the products. Only natural and bio-degradable cleaning agents are used at Graceland Cheesery.