Brucellosis Threat

Brucellosis ThreatWe would like to reassure all our valued Graceland customers and put their minds at ease with regards to the Brucellosis Threat insert on CARTE BLANCHE this past Sunday evening.

The milk we use in all our products is CERTIFIED A GRADE RAW MILK. The milk comes from an accredited herd which is routinely tested for Tuberculosis and Brucellosis.The herd is TB and CA Free.

Thanks for all your loyal support.

An infectious disease caused by the Brucella bacterium is out of control in South African beef herds. It is also threatening our dairy herds and wreaks long-term health havoc in the lives of people who contract it. The effects of Brucellosis have almost crippled many farmers barely managing to keep afloat in the face of nationwide drought. Carte Blanche asks: why isn’t the state-owned laboratory producing enough vaccine against this infection?


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