Feta Cheese


200g Graceland Feta Cheese – Sundried Tomato, Pepper, Origanum.

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Graceland Feta Cheese – Sundried Tomato, Black Pepper and Origanum, Vacuum packed in olive oil. Suitable for salads and cheese boards, Melts down in pizzas and toasted sandwiches.

Has a long shelf life as it continues to mature in the vacuum packed bag. Each individual cheese is vacuum packed and is approximately 200g in weight.

Graceland Feta Cheese

All our dairy products are made from raw, A-Grade milk produced by pasture fed cows. Only vegetarian rennet is used in the production of the cheeses and a 4-strain probiotic culture is added in the production of our natural yoghurt.

No preservatives, stabilizers or any other additives are added to the products. Only natural and bio-degradable cleaning agents are used at Graceland Cheesery.

Product of South Africa.

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