100% Natural Double Thick Yoghurt (drained) 500g


100% Natural Double Thick Yoghurt (drained) 500g



100% Natural Double Thick Yoghurt (drained) 500g – natural yoghurt that consists of raw, full cream milk and Probiotic 4-strain culture only. Graceland Yoghurts are totally free of any chemical additives, hormones, flavourants, stabiliser, thickener, sweetener or preservatives of any kind.

A wonderful base for all your cooking and baking needs, Add honey to sweeten if necessary. Fresh fruit and yoghurt makes a wonderful daily meal for both young and old.

Graceland Glorious Greek Yoghurt 500g

All our dairy products are made from raw, A-Grade milk produced by pasture fed cows. Only vegetarian rennet is used in the production of the cheeses and a 4-strain probiotic culture is added in the production of our natural yoghurt.

Product of South Africa

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